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Supporting information for exhibitions:

Benzene vibration simulation:

  • Benzene is the molecule that generated the artwork “Benzene – Firebird” for the SALA 2012 and AIP 2014 exhibition. It has a structure of 6 carbon atoms joined in a hexagonal ring with a hydrogen atom bonded to each carbon atom.
  • See how the benzene molecule dynamically changes shape through different vibrations at the Chemical Education Digital Library.
  1. Once the viewer has launched, click on the ‘Molecular Vibrations’ button and select a vibration mode from the list. There are 30 to choose from, each with a different energy.
  2. Tick the ‘Spin Molecule’ box to adjust the view of the molecule.
  3. Click the ‘Start/Stop vibration’ buttons as needed.

Science and Creativity:

  • Where science and creativity collide’ – Listen to theoretical physicist Professor Lisa Randall from Harvard University and keynote speaker for “Art of Physics” Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Congress 2014 as she talks to RN Drive – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) about science and creativity.


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