SALA 2016

South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA) 2016

Exhibition title: Quantum Conversations: Micro-Motion

About: The microscopic motion of molecules is explored by using the quantum energy patterns they create from laser light, as seen in the Molecular Dynamics and Laser Spectroscopy Lab, Flinders University. This exhibition is inspired by the May 2016 issue of the science-art magazine, Interalia, titled “Micro-choreography“. Some of our work has been included as part of a “call to artists and scientists for images of their work that aesthetically represent the dynamics of microscopic & molecular processes”.

Quantum Conversations_Micro Motion Sampler

Exhibition space: The Artisan Cafe, 252 Main Rd, Blackwood SA | Phone (08) 8278 9888

Dates: Tues July 27 – Thur Sept 1 2016 |   Opening Night: Thur August 11, 6pm-7.30pm

Details also included in the SALA 2016 program.

Description:  Light is taken in by molecules and released to create patterns that tell a quantum story of the molecule’s energy and dynamic shape as it tumbles and vibrates.

The ‘Quantum Conversations’ in the exhibition title refers to the idea that we can have a “conversation” with a molecule by “questioning” it with laser light and “listening” to its answer given in terms of released light energy.  Each molecule will create its own unique energy pattern after interacting with light which tell us of the molecule’s changing shape as it moves.

The ‘Micro-Motion’ in the title refers to representing the dynamic motion of the molecules through the energy patterns they create as they move.  The patterns are reminiscent of moving creatures like microscopic water-life, swarming insects or butterflies which echo the motion of the molecules in free-space.

The patterns are built up from individual dots each corresponding to an energy change in the molecule allowed by the rules of quantum physics.  Each molecule will generate its own unique image that changes subtly as its environment changes so using the light from the molecule is a sensitive way of observing the environment around us at a molecular level.  Understanding basic molecular processes was the motivation for building the apparatus and software used to collect and analyse the data and to conduct the quantum simulations associated with the images in the exhibition.  Results from the apparatus are published in high quality scientific journals.

Colour and pattern are used in the exhibition to give a sense that molecules around us are alive with activity – stretching, bending, flexing – and although we can’t see them with our own eyes, we can use sophisticated instruments to “see” the molecules through their interaction with light.

An exhibition booklet with descriptions of pictures and more information is available for download.  Click to download a pdf version.

Booklet and pictures descriptions from SALA 2016 Quantum Conversations - Micro-Motion

The Story of ‘Lab to Art’ is described below. Click to download a pdf version.

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